'we are all deserving of love...'
“It wasn’t perfect, none of it. But it was a fairytale.
And people needed to believe in fairytales.
Even flawed ones. Maybe especially flawed ones.
And they needed to believe always.”

New book mark. It’s love <3 

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Does anyone have the video or a link to it, on the skyone reunion program, where at the end, you have faye wink at claire and she says ‘holy crap, steps are back’….

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Photos’ from Saturday night, and Fayes last night as Lina Lamont in SITR!! She’s bloody amazing. Last one to leave the theatre. Came up to me and said "Hello Gorgeous" and then hugged me. I’ve never had a hug off any of the steppers. I never even asked haha! She’s just so adorable and i have so much respect fo her. She’s just the best!! x

I already had the program signed on last trip, so i got her to sign my photo of when i first met her back in 2006 ish..! I gave my sister a photo from the Ultimate tour to get signed, Faye was like ‘Oooh my boys!’ haha to which i said, that took a lot of standing on chairs to get! which she laughed! :) x

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Frozen姉妹 by 狐音 on pixiv

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Let it go, let it go,


And I’ll rise like the break of dawn.


Let it go, let it go,


That perfect girl


Is gone…


Here I stand


In the light of day


Let the storm rage on,


The cold never bothered me anyway.


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Cute en We Heart It.

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I don’t have a skull…or bones.

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Off to see Miss Faye again in her final show of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ tonight. Hopefully be able to catch her after the show before she disappears!! eeeek.

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